Shetland Sheep

The start of Shetland herd .... purchased these 5 registered ewes in June of 2010, added a ram in the fall. This spring I welcomed 10 new lambs into the herd. 7 ewe lambs and 3 ram lambs. These lambs came in a nice variety of colors, white, black, dark brown, grey, black sponget and brown sponget.
Shetlands being greeted by the Nubian and Boer Goats on arrival, they are not to sure they like the idea of pen sharing even if it is only temporary.


  1. Love the lambs. My Dad used to have sheep. Also love the dogs. What hard workers they are. I hope you will drop by my NEW blog all about farm life and check out my Jake (our farm dog).
    Hope to see you there.

  2. Love the sheep! I grew up around Shetlands :)