The Dogs

All farms need a resident Border Collie, this is Dollar, she is ready to help with chores, ride in the mule, go to town in the truck.... right up front in the passenger seat ... this dog knows how to travel in comfort, no back of the truck on a hot metal bed, but up front with the A/C in this valley heat.

and added another farm dog this year .... she is a Great Pyrenees named Bella.  This picture was taken when she was 9 weeks old.  She is now a lot bigger.
Me???? No, Not me ......... You dug the hole I just wanted to see why and where it is going ...............

Did  I mention Bella has gotten a lot bigger .......... she is still a puppy at 10 and a half months, what is the old saying "Let sleeping dogs Lie" ..................

Angora Goats

Small herd of Angora Goats, in Red, White, Black, Grey and Chocolate.  Angoras are a medium size, very docile goat and the their mohair fleece can be used in a variety of craft projects including doll wigs.

Shetland Sheep

The start of Shetland herd .... purchased these 5 registered ewes in June of 2010, added a ram in the fall. This spring I welcomed 10 new lambs into the herd. 7 ewe lambs and 3 ram lambs. These lambs came in a nice variety of colors, white, black, dark brown, grey, black sponget and brown sponget.
Shetlands being greeted by the Nubian and Boer Goats on arrival, they are not to sure they like the idea of pen sharing even if it is only temporary.